7 Best Movies and TV Series Based on Stephen King Books

. You may’ve seen Kubrick’s iconic horror “The Shining”, well, that’s based on King’s novel. Remember that movie about the killer clown Pennywise and a bunch of kids? Also King. Carrie – yup, the Master of Horror himself! Even the recent Dark Tower, which, incidentally, was a huge flop, was written by Stephen King. So, with this many proverbial eggs in the baskets, which of his movies and TV shows are actually worth watching?

10 Historical Figures and Events Reimagined by the “Game of Thrones”

The world of “The Game of Thrones” is incredibly similar to the medieval Europe. Here you’ll also find the struggle for throne domination, political intrigues, insidiousness, and human cruelty. So, it’s not a big surprise that many of the characters of George RR Martin’s epic novels have real historical prototypes, many of which were the actual kings of England and France. Who are the most ruthless and bloodthirsty rulers — the real life or a messed up fantasy world? Let’s see and compare!

These Inventors Regret Their Invention, But At Least They Did Something With Their Life

At some point in life, most people encounter a huge amount of regret of things they did (or didn’t do). And at some point in life, most of those people realize that they’ve done nothing significant with their lives. Very occasionally, even people that actually did something useful in their life later end up regretting that decision. Let’s take a look at some of them.