41 OCD-Friendly GIFs and Pictures that Might Give You a Hard-on

Have you ever had that feeling of deep satisfaction after you’ve thrown an empty can into the trash bin and it actually hit? This post is filled with that sort of imagery. No OCD person left behind! Hell, even if you’re not OCD, you will most likely enjoy this compilation with every fiber of your soul.

The 10 Coolest Gadgets For Men (2016)

We’re living in a truly remarkable era. Practical and fun gadgets are being honed to perfection each year. Breakthrough technologies make them cheaper and easier to use. Drones, droids and hoverboards are sci-fi ideas that have become reality. We’ve researched some of the best selling and most popular tech items that should be on your shopping list in 2016. Take a look at the top 10 here.

15 More Unexpected Movie Mistakes

Back in the 80-90’s movie mistakes were incredibly common even in big budget blockbusters like Terminator, Titanic and even Pretty Woman, but even after all these years the editors and/or screenwriters just can’t get things right. A crew member in one shot, a boom mic in the other, these fails are almost in every single movie regardless of how hard they try.
This, however, doesn’t mean these movies are bad. On the contrary, some of them are pretty awesome, because they’re flawed, plus, it’s fun to play detective with all the bad green-screen edits and continuity errors. The following list shows that fans have a keen eye when it comes to details.